Do you want to live in nature and glamour for a few days? Mongolia is one of the extraordinary place to spend summer. We offer you magical places and unspoiled nature to visit. There are numerous adventures you can try, from active holiday to a peaceful discovering of nature and cultural heritage. You can choose from interesting and well planned activities for your joy and fun.



Paddle on the crystal clear waters. It’s not very difficult, so even in a company of inexperienced Kayaker, you can enjoy it. Your team may have the Kayak Day Trip, which starts from the spot in 15-30 km from the Camp depending which river you choose whether Ider river or Delgermurun. The transport by vehicle to spot for the Kayak trip.

  • Fresh water adventure and sporting
  • A half Day or full day trips
  • Unforgettable memories
  • Delicous picnic lunch buffet

Engine boat trip

Trip north along the The Basin of Many rivers. Visit Buur Rock /male camel/ back into the convergence of Delgermurun and Ider Rivers and into the river-head of Selenge. You will have marvelous photo shooting opportunities. Approximately trip duration is 30 minutes to one hour, One session can be 5-6 people.

engine boat
engine boat

Horse riding

Depending on the horse riding skill of the guest you may ride a horse between 1-3 hours along the Basin of many rivers. Also we offer you the Basin of Bugdgeen, ‘ “Zuna River” deers stones, old tempe of Bugsei tours around the special surroundings. The tours have the detailed variations for daily based or multiple days tour routes. We offer horse trips with local experienced guide to facilitate safety of you journey. You can choose convenience with Western style, Australian and UK/Sport style.

horse trekking


Trip along side the Bugsei River and Chargait Mountain Valley. It is good for your health and pleasure you will biking individually. Depending on the guest ‘s interest you may trip between 1-3 hours or more. Feel and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Trip into the Chargait Mountain valley. Climb up the Borvit Mountain on the West. It takes approximately 3 hours. There is amazing panoramic view over the convergence of five rivers. You will have marvelous photo shooting opportunities.

Tsutgalan –Day trip

There are many beautiful places around us. One of the them is place named Tsutgalan, alongside of the Ider River basins. For instance, the confluence of Bugdgeen river into the Ider river, is located in the rocky place, one of the highest cliffs in Mongolia.

  • A day adventure trip
  • Unique nature formation
  • The horse or vehicle trip
  • Photo shooting Opportunity


For night lovers we have stargazing activity at night, Mongolia is the one of the best places in the world to stargaze. Because of its zero percent of light-pollution, high altitude above sea level and 260 “Blue-Sky day” average per year. You will see through Celestron’s top performing computerized telescope CPC Deluxe 800 HD, and favorite among experienced astronomers and the preferred on of Stephen Hawking. You will see a Celestron HD800 optic telescope to view the unlimited stars in the crystal clear sky and Explore the Milky way.


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