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Basin of many rivers


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Our tourist camp is located in the famous beautiful place, named as the “Olon goliin Belchir”, which means Basin of many Rivers, Tumurbulag soum of Khuvsgul province. The location of the camp is special place otherwise named as the “Five Rivers “ which is the confluence of five rivers: Delger Murun, Bugsei, Ider, Chuluut Rivers, and Ider River that makes the head of the Selenge Murun (the biggest river of Mongolia).

We offer You the very interesting, unforgettable and amazing tours around this special surroundings. The tours have the detailed variations for daily based or multiple days tour routes.



selenge riverWe offer you to experience in magical places with unspoiled nature from the saddle. Depending on the horse riding skill of the guest you may gallop, jog or ramble. Any horse trip will provide necessary appliances for your comfort and safety.

tsutgalanFor night lovers we have stargazing activity at night, Mongolia is the one of the best places in the world to stargaze. You will see a Celestron HD800 optic telescope to view the unlimited stars in the crystal clear sky and Explore the Milky way.

stargazingTrips are beneficial for your health and close contact with wildlife provides extraordinary. The Delgermurun river will take your breath away. There is an amazing lookout in the middle with the beautiful mountain surroundings.

stargazingThere are many beautiful places around us. One of the them is place named Tsutgalan, alongside of the Ider River basins. For instance, the confluence of Bugdgeen river into the Ider river, is located in the rocky place, one of the highest cliffs in Mongolia.

motort zaviTrip north along the The Basin of Many rivers. Visit Buur Rock /male camel/ back into the convergence of Delgermurun and Ider Rivers and into the river-head of Selenge.

duguin ayalalIt is good for your health and pleasure you will biking individually. Feel and enjoy the beauty of nature.

hiking Climb up the Borvit Mountain on the West. There is amazing panoramic view over the convergence of five rivers. You will have marvelous photo shooting opportunities.

relaxingThe camp is surrounded by the beautiful and quite nature, far from noises of metropolis. The place that making the special due to its combination of the many rivers those from the mountains of Khangai mountains, Khoridol Saridag and Erchim Mountains.


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